Scholarship Support for Recent Graduates 

As many know, North High School and South High School have re-joined into one Springfield High School. The new Springfield High School opened the doors to its first class September 8, 2008 after a nice dedication ceremony Sunday September 7, 2008. In honor of this reunification, a task force was established by three SHS alumni to raise scholarship money for new SHS graduates. Our goal was quite simple. We wanted to create a permanent endowment to provide scholarship assistance to graduates of Springfield (OH-IO) High School now and far into the future. The ultimate goal was to raise $1,000,000. Our first SHS Scholarship was awarded in 2015.

The Springfield Foundation hosts, manages and facilitates the SHS Scholarship Program Fund. The Foundation publicizes this Fund on their web site, in publications and directly to SHS students along with their other Foundation scholarships. There are only a few scholarships at The Springfield Foundation that are exclusively for SHS graduates. The Foundation seeks applicants, accepts applications, screens applications, and selects the winners based on our criteria of “service, positive leadership, academic performance and financial need.” They present the students’ schools and colleges with payments that are added directly to the recipient’s account. This assures our donors and recipients that the SHS Scholarships will live on and on. 

All donations are tax deductible when given directly to The Springfield Foundation.

Note: The SHS Scholarships Program Fund does not receive the endorsement of nor funds from Springfield High School or the Springfield City School District. However, we are appreciative that school employees continue to make contributions to the SHS Scholarships Program Fund. Thanks.

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